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Custom Chainsaw Services

Bakerized Special Offer

If you're looking for a powerful, high performance custom chainsaw, you're in the right place.  Timberland Supply ships our famous modified chainsaws to anywhere in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.  We can either modify your existing chainsaw, or you can purchase a new saw that we customize for you.  

​On this page you'll find all the information you need about our "Bakerized" and "Timbertuned" chainsaw performance upgrades, including pricing info, frequently asked questions, video demos, and more.

About Our Custom Chainsaws

The performance enhancing chain saw Bakerization mods, were developed by Timberland in order to meet the demand for a ruggedized customization that improves horsepower and cutting speed, while significantly reducing friction based power loss.

Simply put, a Bakerized chainsaw is a smoother, more powerful, cooler running, longer lasting wood chip churning machine that allows you to complete your work more quickly and efficiently.

If you opt for a custom Chainsaw, just remember it will only be as good as your Product Support Team & You. I cannot heap enough praise upon Dan, Grant, & Adam of in Edmonton, AB. Absolute consummate professionals. I most-highly recommend this firm for the very reason that this is the single-best customer service that I have ever received in my lifetime of 65-years!!!“–Gerald Higgs (Click here to read more)

Your customized chainsaw will be one-of-a-kind.

All chainsaws that go through our Bakerization process leave our shop with a uniquely serialized dog tag clearly identifying it as “Bakerized”.  This dog tag indicates that your high performance chainsaw has been significantly improved and is now built to outperform and outlast other modified and non-modified chainsaws.​

Custom Chainsaw

​All our Bakerization mods are performed and/or overseen jointly by Adam “Bakerized” Baker. Adam ​is a highly skilled technician with years of customization and repair experience.

Adam Baker

​Adam Baker

Group Photo

Our Chainsaw Customization Process

We start the Bakerization by disassembling the entire engine right down to the bare crankcase. We then perform some or all of the following modifications, depending entirely upon your preferences and the exact make and model of your saw:

  • Replace steel crank bearings with custom ceramic bearings
  • Plane the cylinder to reduce cylinder height
  • Port and polish intake and exhaust
  • Install custom built Timberland high-performance piston and rings
  • Modify muffler
  • Modify air intake
  • Replace bar, chain and sprocket
  • Apply ceramic and heat dissipating coatings, custom graphics and other modifications based on customer preference

The completed Bakerization process results in a much more powerful saw, with the following enhancements:

  • Significantly reduced rolling friction lossLess vibration
  • Faster cutting
  • Less time to full RPM
  • Less heat generation due to friction
  • Longer lasting
  • Lighter weight

And if you have taken advantage of our Thermal and Heat Dissipating Coating options, you can generate even more power by further enhancing the thermodynamic and volumetric efficiency of your Bakerized saw.

If you are a professional who uses a chain saw, our Bakerization customization will make your life easier!  Call us today to start the process.

Visit the shop to demo one of our customized chainsaws!

Don’t need to just take our word for it. We know that our Bakerized saws are better and we invite you to come in and try one out for yourself! Visit our store and we’ll let you try a Bakerized saw and compare it to the same model of stock saw. You will see, hear, and feel the difference.

But be warned – after experiencing the difference, you won’t be satisfied with your stock saw.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Bakerization Warranty

Timberland Supply provides all new Bakerized saws with the same warranty coverage as the original equipment manufacturers provide on their standard saws. The manufacturer warranty for all Stihl pro saws is 90 days. The manufacturer warranty for Husqvarna is 1 year on all pro XP saws (365’s, 372’s, 395’s) and 90 days on all other pro saws (Autotune).

*NEW* Blackout Option

To really show off your Bakerized custom chain saw, try our new “Blackout” add-on option.  The saw pictured below is the Bakerized MS462 Blackout Edition, but we can add Blackout to all models with the cost starting at $199.95.

Blackout Chainsaw
Blackout Chainsaw
Blackout Chainsaw
Blackout Chainsaw

​Custom Chainsaw Demo Videos

Chainsaw Customization FAQs

Here are answers to some of the questions we commonly get about our chainsaw customization services.

I want to get a brand new Bakerized saw from you. How long does it take and what’s the process?

We have some models ready to go today but we also build them as they are ordered. If we need to build them it is usually 10-15 business days. We will work evenings and weekends if you absolutely need it sooner.

We take a deposit before we start the build and final payment once the saw is ready to ship. We prefer electronic funds transfer but we can accommodate credit card payment in many instances. Conditions apply.

Which are the best saws to Bakerize?

Most professional saws manufactured by either STIHL or Husqvarna are well-suited for this performance upgrade. Other professional saws from brands such as Echo, Jonsered and Sachs Dolmar are also candidates.     

I have an older saw that I want to Bakerize. It’s been a great saw and it runs pretty good. Can you Bakerize it?

If it’s a professional model saw, then we probably can. In fact, many of the older professional saws will benefit immensely but there are conditions and limitations. Check out the ”Note for Non-New Saws:” and as always, feel free to give us a call for clarification.

Can I ship my saw to you for customization?

Yes – new or old! For U.S. and Canadian customers, you pay the shipping to and from our location (regular ground only).

All used saws sent to us to be Bakerized will need to be assessed. The assessment will determine the overall condition of the unit and confirm suitability if the saw for Bakerization. Not all saws will be suitable for Bakerizing. The charge for this is $100 and it is non-refundable.

If the customer decides to proceed with the Bakerization, the assessment fee will be credited toward his final bill (i.e., it will be free). The Bakerized saw will be completed and shipped to the customer.

If the customer decides NOT to proceed with the Bakerization OR if the saw is assessed as UNSUITABLE for Bakerization, the assessment fee will not be returned. It is non-refundable. The customer will be given the option to have the saw returned (customer will pay shipping both ways) or trading the saw in for a new Bakerized saw or even just a new saw.

What is the return policy for Bakerized saws?

We stand behind all our products. If the customer is not satisfied with their Bakerized products, they may return them to us for a full refund less S&H fees (15% of the original invoice). As per warranty returns, customer pays shipping to Timberland. Any returned Bakerized products must be undamaged, clean, with fuel and oil drained and in the original shipping container or similar shipping container.

Who would benefit the most from having a chainsaw Bakerized?

Fallers, Buckers, Arborists and anyone who demands extra performance to get the job done faster and with less effort, will all benefit from one of our Bakerizations.

I am on a tight budget and I don’t have or need a professional saw. What are my options if I want extra performance from a homeowner/contractor type of saw?

We have a performance modifications available for some of the most popular non-professional STIHL saws. These are designed for homeowners, farmers, ranchers and even for the saw you throw on the back of the Quad. Our TimberTuned process can be applied to the MS170, MS211, MS271 and the MS291. Great performance increases at a very reasonable price. Check out the TimberTuned price list.

Custom Chainsaw Price List

Note: All displayed prices for custom chainsaws are in US Dollars. 

Below you will find the pricing for all our new custom chainsaws, listed in US Dollars.  The pricing is broken down into three categories: ​new Husqvarna “Bakerized” saws, ​new STIHL “Bakerized” saws, and ​prices for new Timbertuned STIHL saws.  

In addition to the prices for new custom chainsaws listed below, you can also ship your current saw to us for Bakerization.  You can request a quote for that service by clicking here.  

The manufacturer’s warranty remains in full effect for these saws. Extended warranties are available in some cases.

Pricing for New Husqvarna Bakerized Saws

Pricing for New STIHL Bakerized Saws

Pricing for New STIHL Timbertuned Saws

Bakerized Thermal Coating Options

We can apply thermal coatings as an option to any chainsaw listed above during a Bakerization only for the following prices (Note: All displayed prices for custom chainsaws are in US Dollars):

  • Heat Dissipating Cylinder Application (Starting at $210.95 USD)
  • Heat Dissipating Muffler Application (Starting 150.95 USD)
  • Thermal Barrier Cylinder Head, Piston Dome and Exhaust Port Application (Starting at $199.95 USD)

We can also apply thermal coatings to any of your other equipment outside the Bakerization service. The equipment must be in new or near new condition for the process to be effective. In all cases, you must call for suitability and pricing. The following services are available:

  • Heat Dissipating Cylinder Application
  • Heat Dissipating Muffler Application
  • Thermal Barrier Cylinder Head, Piston Dome and Exhaust Port Application

Bakeriz​ation Warranty

Timberland Supply provides all new Bakerized saws with the same warranty coverage as the original equipment manufacturers provide on their standard saws. The manufacturer warranty for all Stihl pro saws is 90 days. The manufacturer warranty for Husqvarna is 1 year on all pro XP saws (365’s, 372’s, 395’s) and 90 days on all other pro saws (Autotune).