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Chainsaw Customization Services

Timberland Supply is proud to offer chainsaw customization services for Edmonton, Alberta, and all of Canada.

Chainsaw Customization Services

Our chain saw “TimberTune” and full-blown “Bakerization” mods, were developed by Timberland in order to meet the demand for a ruggedized modification to improve horsepower, cutting speed and significantly reduce friction based power loss.

The “TimberTune” will make any model Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaw cut faster and a full “Bakerization” will totally transform your chainsaw into a more powerful, longer lasting and noticeably faster machine, running cooler and smoother thereby allowing you to complete your work more quickly and efficiently.

If you opt for a custom Chainsaw, just remember it will only be as good as your Product Support Team & You. I cannot heap enough praise upon Dan, Grant, & Adam of in Edmonton, AB. Absolute consummate professionals. I most-highly recommend this firm for the very reason that this is the single-best customer service that I have ever received in my lifetime of 65-years!!!“–Gerald Higgs (Click here to read more)

Visit the shop to demo one of our customized chaisaws!

You don’t need to just take our word for it that our customized saws are better.  You can come try one for yourself!  Visit our store and we’ll let you try out a custom chain saw and compare it to the same model of saw without our special modifications, so you can see, hear, and feel the difference.

But be warned–after experiencing the difference, you may no longer be  satisfied with your non-customized saw.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Your customized saw will be one-of-a-kind.

All chainsaws that go through our “Bakerization” process leave our shop with a uniquely serialized dog tag to clearly identify it as “Bakerized”.  This is in recognition of the fact your high performance chainsaw has been significantly improved and is now built to outperform and outlast other non-modified chainsaws.

Bakerized Chain Saw

All our “TimberTune” and “Bakerization” mods are performed and/or overseen by Adam “Bakerized” Baker.  Adam runs Timberland’s repair services and is our most senior and experienced technician with years of customization experience.

Chainsaw Customization Pricing

Our chainsaw “TimberTune” customization service starts as low as $299 for a new saw. It includes modifications to the engine and exhaust and intake systems. As well, you will receive an updated bar and chain and modifications to the clutch and final drive.

Custom ChainsawFrom there, the price goes up depending on exactly what modifications you want on the saw.  Adam will work with you to determine how you use the saw and will make recommendations about how to best improve the performance.

We will pay for shipping both ways to anywhere in Canada for anyone who wants a full “Bakerization”. 

Price List

Fully Bakerized brand new Husqvarna 372 X-Torq starting at $1995 with warranty*
Fully Bakerized brand new Husqvarna 365 X-Torq starting at $1895 with warranty*

Fully Bakerized Stihl MS461 starting at $1995 with warranty*

Bakerize your existing pro saw starting at $499
Fully Bakerize your existing pro saw starting at $995**

Bakerize your top-handle saws starting at $499

TimberTune any new saw or your existing saw starting at $299**


*The manufacturer’s warranty remains in full effect. Extended warranties are available in some cases.
**All non-new saws will require a full run-up and inspection and may require additional parts and labour at additional cost. All our parts and labour are fully warranted for a period of 30 days.


Chainsaw Customization Process

Bakerized Chain SawOur chainsaw “Bakerization” process begins with making sure the saw is in good working order.  Once that determination is made, we perform the following modifications (exact modifications performed on your saw depend on your preferences and model of saw):

  • Disassemble entire engine
  • Replace steel bearings with custom ceramic bearings
  • Modify cylinder height, intake and exhaust ports
  • Install custom built Timberland racing piston and rings
  • Modify muffler
  • Modify air intake
  • Replace bar, chain and sprocket
  • Perform other modifications based on customer preference

The completed process results in a much more powerful saw, with the following enhancements:

  • Significantly reduced rolling friction loss
  • Less vibration
  • Faster cutting
  • Less time to full RPM
  • Less heat
  • Longer lasting
  • Lighter

If you are a professional who uses a chain saw, our Bakerization service will make your life easier!  Call us today to start the process.

Chainsaw Customization FAQs

Here are answers to some of the questions we commonly get about our chainsaw customization service (aka “Bakerization”).

Can you “Bakerize” chainsaws from any manufacturer?

Yes, but the modification is primarily designed for Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws. As well, the full “Bakerization” must be a professional model of saw.

Can you “TimberTune” chainsaws from any manufacturer?

Yes we can. We can “TimberTune” most any chainsaw including those designed for homeowners, farmers, ranchers and even for the saw you throw on the back of the Quad.

Can I ship my saw to you for customization?

Yes!  We will pay for shipping both ways to any Canadian address for your saw.  For U.S.-based customers, you can ship us your saw, but you will have to pay the shipping charges.

Who would benefit the most from having a chainsaw customized?

Fallers, Buckers and Arborists will all benefit from one of our customizations. As well, anyone who demands extra performance to get the job done faster and with less effort, would see noticeable benefits from a customized chainsaw.