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Outdoor Power Equipment FAQs

What fuel should I use in a 2-cycle engine?

Two-cycle engines like those used in trimmers, chainsaws, and other outdoor power equipment run on a mixture of oil and gas.  The exact fuel-to-oil mixture varies but is usually around 50:1.  Using fuel that is not mixed correctly can cause serious damage to your engine and will void your warranty.  If you mix your own fuel, be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations.

What is making my engine start and quit?

The most likely reason your engine is starting and quitting is that you are not using the correct type of fuel (see above question).  Another reason might be a clogged air filter.  Usually getting a tune-up will fix the problem–call us to schedule an appointment for service.

My chainsaw won’t cut.  What is the problem?

It’s probably because of a dull chain.  We offer chainsaw sharpening services, and every 5th sharpening is free.

My chainsaw won’t cut in a straight line.  What’s wrong?

This could be caused by a bent bar or a dull chain, or a combination of the two issues.  Bring your saw in for service and we’ll figure out what the issue is.

What is the procedure for sharpening a saw chain?

To sharpen the chain on your chainsaw, you’ll need gloves and a special filing kit (which you can purchase at Timberland Supply).  Begin by engaging the chain brake on the saw and clamping the bar in a vice.  Use the file to sharpen the cutters on one side one at a time, then repeat on the other side.  Or, simply bring in your saw and we’ll sharpen it for you.

Should I empty the fuel tank of my outdoor power equipment before storing it for long periods of time?

If you are using a fuel stabilizer, there is no need to empty the fuel out of the tank before storing it.  If not, then emptying the tank might be a good idea, but you should consult the owners manual of your equipment for guidance.