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How to Turn Your Back 40 into a Park with a Soil Conditioner

July 29, 2017

One of Timberland Supply’s most popular rentals is the Erskine Soil Conditioner Skid Steer attachment – and it’s no wonder. It makes any landscaping job easier allowing you to level, grade, smooth, and prepare your yard for any kind of landscaping or hardscaping projects. Customers rave about how they could practically turn their back yard into a park using it.

Let’s take a closer look at how this powerful attachment could enhance your outdoor space.

Does Your Yard Need Help?

If your yard looks rocky, bumpy, or just generally uneven, what’s missing is soil prep and grading. This is how professional landscapers get a crisp, flat surface for golf courses and immaculate lawns. They start below the turf. So consider giving your yard a fresh start with a professional-quality conditioner, which anybody – a professional or a homeowner – can find at a quality outdoor equipment store like Timberland Supply.

These attachments dig deep into the dirt, breaking apart bumps and lumps. Air is forced downward during the process, adding much-needed aeration for grass and plants. Powerful churning prevents the newly-conditioned soil from clumping back up the next time it rains. As you move across the land with the conditioner, you leave behind fine dirt that’s perfectly prepped for your landscaping needs – grass seed, flowers, mulch, bushes, rocks, really any part of a well-manicured yard.

And don’t forget driveways. Whether yours is gravel or paved, the fastest route to a scrubby, unkempt driveway is poor soil underneath. Lumpy soil can create tiny hills under gravel, collecting pooled water where moss and weeds take hold. Paved drives can fissure, or even break apart because the underlying soil is uneven.

Powerful Grading and Leveling

When you rent or buy the Skid Steer Soil Conditioner, you can save significantly on hiring landscaping help or buying fill. Landscapers charge hundreds – even thousands – of dollars to level your land. And if you ever experience erosion or drainage issues, you may have to bring them back out again and again.

This heavy-duty attachment allows you to control your soil conditioning. It angles to adjust to the amount of leveling you need, no matter the current state of your soil or the shape of your land. It follows the contour of the ground, grading all the way so bumpy and hilly areas are no problem. You’ll be amazed to see how it powers through tough turf and soil.

Proven Reliability

Unlike most competitor brands, which typically only grade two inches deep, the Erskine goes up to four inches deep. This deep-soil conditioning is what provides a smooth finish. If you’re going for a picture-perfect lawn, four-inch conditioning is the key to seeing an even, truly level landscape when your project is complete.

The Erskine is more reliable than brands that use a chain and sprocket system, known for requiring constant maintenance. It uses a top-of-the-line direct hydraulic motor system that rarely brings maintenance issues. It also has solid rubber tires – so no frustrating flat tires either. Nobody wants to have to stop in the middle of a job.

And if you do ever experience any issues, Timberland Supply is always nearby for diagnostics and maintenance. We offer many landscaping equipment options to take your outdoor space to the next level. Stop by and let us know how we can help with your next project. We look forward to hearing your story about turning your yard into a park!

Click below to see a video of the Erskine Skid Steer Soil Conditioner in action and contact Timberland Supply about a purchase or rental.