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BCS Tractor

BCS Tractor manufactures two-wheel tractors for rural property owners, vegetable gardeners, nursery owners, and commercial farmers.  They are one of the largest two-wheel tractor companies in the world, and their products can handle anything from snow removal to mowing thanks to numerous accessories and attachments. 

Whether you represent a large public institution or small farming operation, BCS tractors can make your life easier by reducing workload and increasing efficiency.  Timberland Supply is proud to supply BCS tractors to Edmonton and the surrounding areas of Alberta.

Current BCS Tractor Specials

  • Timberland Supply offers a Lifetime Limited Engine Warranty on all gas-powered equipment we sell, including BCS Tractors. 
  • The BCS Quick Hitch is free for anyone who purchases a professional series tractor (models 732 and up).


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BCS Tractor FAQs

Below are answers to some common questions we get about BCS products.

What are the benefits of owning a two-wheel tractor?

There are many areas where four-wheel tractors are not ideal, such as tilling in small gardens, mowing in orchards or along the banks of a pond, or removing snow from roofs or walkways.  However, two-wheel tractors are perfect for all of these situations.

In addition, thanks to the wide range of attachments available for BCS tractors, your equipment will never sit idle.  You’ll be able to use the same piece of equipment for snow removal, tilling, harvesting, and much more.

Why are gear-driven machines like BCS tractors better than belt-driven machines?

The thing about belts and chains is that they break.  On the other hand, transmissions in gear-driven machines are precision-made with treated steel gears, which last much longer.  Also, at best a belt loses 15% of the engine’s power during the process of transferring power to the transmission, whereas the gear-driven transmissions in BCS tractors lose less than 3% of the engine’s power.

What is the BCS Quick Hitch?

The BCS Quick Hitch allows you to change attachments on your tractor by simply flipping a switch instead of having to use an Allen wrench to unscrew bolts.  It’s free for anyone who purchases a professional series BCS tractor.