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Anthony Robbins
Anthony R.
Been a long time since I was in there. Redesigned store and new faces, but friendly and helpful.
Eric Andres
Eric A.
Had a great experience shopping at Timberland Supply, picked up 2 chainsaws and the salesman was very helpful in picking the right saw. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Craig Brochu
Craig B.
Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, COVID-19 compliant
Rene Attwell
Rene A.
I have been coming here for about five years and today Grant exceeded my expectations. Just wanted to thank him and Paul for making this an easy transaction.
joe stagliano
joe S.
Great guys to deal with. And top notch customer service 💪. The only guys I deal with
Clancy Harder
Clancy H.
A great store very helpful both personal and corporate a great sales team thanks.
Geoff Clark
Geoff C.
The only real saw shop in the Edmonton area. These guys know what they're doing.
I called ahead and asked about some parts for my Husqvarna snow blower. The partsman was very knowledgeable and helpful. Because it was a Saturday and later in the day, they were closing soon but the partsman offered to stay later if I couldn't get there in time. Old school service! Totally recommend.
Jill Harvey
Jill H.
Great service and products! Thanks for helping a tree-ring scientist out!
Joel.Karey Congo
Joel.Karey C.
I appreciate the quality of the products and the service I've experienced. I Would definitely recommend them.
Sheldon C.
Sheldon C.
Took my old blower in for fuel related repairs. Was called a few days later and told it was an ignition module problem. No spark. I had to explain to them...
Audrey Hebert
Audrey H.
Always receive excellent service whenever we stop in! Extremely knowledge and friendly staff!
Graham Schulte
Graham S.
Recently purchased an SH86 leaf / snow blower and am very impressed with the product. Grant & Dan were very knowledgeable and set me up well. Highly recommend.
shirley mc
shirley M.
Looked at the Stihl rototiller, did my research, left a voice message as I had questions, Bob called me back and did answer them. The next day I went and he showed me the difference between the two types of pull starts. I made my decision and bought it. The service was great as he explained and showed me everything about the tiller. Even made sure I had no problems starting it. It may have taken an hour, but it was well worth it. Awesome staff and very friendly
Ken Barry
Ken B.
Bought 2 Husqvarna automowers here. Best price and good service. Shipped to my door in BC no fuss.
Cassi Stark
Cassi S.
I went in here to purchase a chainsaw for my boyfriend for his birthday. The guy who helped me was very nice and knowledgeable. The store was very easy to access and the products were laid out nicely. My boyfriend loved his gift and he will be going back there to get a run down on how to use it properly. Would highly recommend this place!
Brian Mills
Brian M.
Purpose of visit was the purchase of a pressure washer. Sales associate was attentive, knowledgeable and personable, providing a quick, enjoyable experience. The store atmosphere was welcoming, with floor displays well layed out for ease of movement - overall a great experience.
dean doyle
dean D.
I had just purchased a trimmer from Timberland and after trying it for the first time things went wrong.I returned the unit to Timberland and explained what had happened with the head. A sales rep tried to remove the head but no luck. I left the trimmer with him as he said that a service teck will take a closer look at it and get back to me. I received a call back explaining that I replaced the head back incorrectly and that the manufacture would not cover it under warrantee. I would have to cover the cost of repair for a unit that i had used for 1 minute.. I spoke with the manager and to my surprise and happiness he said that they would cover the cost of repair and offered a better solution.Just when you think customer service is dead ,a company that believes in customer satification and building relationships rises to the challenge. Again thank you for turning a bad day turn to a great day.You have earned this customers 5 star ratingDean
The service and overall store experience has always been excellent. I have over the years purchased numerous Stihl products and have always been satisfied with their operation and reliability. The staff are friendly, efficient and highly knowledgeable. Keep up the good work.
Spencer Bird
Spencer B.
Great selection of professional and high quality products! Friendly and very helpful staff! Always have products, parts, and machines in stock! Great store!
Pat Salvador
Pat S.
Great Service ! I decided to get my husband a backpack blower and headed to Timberland. I received great service , advice on fuel requirements and very pleased that they offered a demonstration on how to operate it. We will definitely be back 🙂
Michelle Stolk
Michelle S.
This is such a great place to find your Stihl products and for service. I enjoy going to check out what is new and I am always greeted when I come through the door. I have bought products here and have had work done on my Backpack Blower (BR 600). I was very happy with the results, the price and the time it took the staff to work on our unit. The staff are very knowledgeable, efficient and take the time to explain. I continue to use Timberland Supply and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for quality products and excellent customer service (during and after your purchase).
kim Nicholls
kim N.
While working away in Hinton AB, my husband broke 2 of his chainsaws. Somehow we needed to get him a new saw ASAP. I called Timberland Supply Inc (from Victoria BC ) and I was blown away by the customer service (hence this review). I was impressed that they actually had the 390 in stock and that they were able to install the full wrap handle right then and there. Kevin was able to help me order a new saw over the phone and made sure it would be delivered to my husbands hotel the following day - OVERNIGHT DELIVERY! Kevin was very efficient, kind and knowledgeable. Thanks for saving the day Kevin!
D. Ryan Shaw
D. Ryan S.
Had a great experience with these guys. Sent in my favorite saw to have it Bakerized. Reasonable pricing, impressive performance, and free shipping was a nice bonus. Adam kept me in the loop every step of the way, even sent me pictures and updates of the progress. Unfortunately, the shipping company messed up. But even then, Adam made it right. I highly recommend this company.
Berts Garage
Berts G.
Amazing storefront and awesome service! I live over 400km away and pass multiple chainsaw dealerships to deal with Timberland Supply. I've never had a problem that they didn't go above and beyond to honour warranty claims or promptly send parts via mail. A great source of information and service.
Réal Boudreau
Réal B.
Always excellent and friendly service. My company (Tree Ninja) has bought a ton of chainsaws and arborist equipment from these guys and I have been super happy with everything.
I have purchased a saw and a weed whacker from the folks at Timberland Supply over the years and lots of pre-mixed fuel and parts for both the saw and weed whacker.They have always treated me like gold, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.I highly recommend going there for all you saw or gas powered tool needs.
Steve hayes
Steve H.
Ordered a muffler for my Husqvarna leaf blower and they said it was available in Edmonton and would be in 3 days. As it turned out it took17 days and it came in from Brampton, Husqvarna’s warehouse. I asked for their 10 percent discount as their guarantee states if parts are available in western canada and they don’ t deliver you will get10 percent off. After some persistence I got my discount. I placed my order with them based on what they originally told me.
Tony Unrau
Tony U.
Great equipment and the staff always make us feel like we're at home
Excellent knowledge and customer service. Highly recommend!!!
Kurt Seifried
Kurt S.
Dropped my mower off because it wouldn’t start, they said 1-2 weeks because busy, ok, then they fixed it by the next day because it was a simple problem, so that was easy, 5star all the way. Also they have a really cool collection of old chainsaws.
Walter Clarke
Walter C.
I always find them to be very polite and knowledgeable.
Gordon Gee
Gordon G.
Originally reviewed 13-Jan, 2018 with 3 Stars: It was nice being able to try the Stihl BR600 blower prior to purchase. The sales person, Bob was very helpful. The only thing that keeps me from giving them 4 or 5 stars was that he had agreed to include something with the purchase of the blower. Then, as he was writing up the purchase at the till, he said that the item was $3.00 more than the $15.00 he thought it cost and had to charge me $9.95 over what we had agreed on! I'm not sure if it's really ethical to change the price as you write up the deal. Please tell me BEFORE I'm committed! How would he have felt if a customer spent time negotiating a price, agreeing to it and then as he filled in the paperwork at the till, the customer saying, "Sorry, I've changed my mind, so cancel the order." If you're not certain of the price, don't agree to include it in the purchase before you check and even if there is a difference, offer to take what you thought WAS the price off and charge us the difference. As it was, it left us feeling a bit "off" about the purchase as we drove away. Sorry Bob, but you turned what could have been a 5 Star experience into "Maybe I should have shopped around to find someone that sells for what they shake hands on."Edit19-Feb: Regretfully, rating dropped to 1 Star from my original 3 Stars. After waiting for several weeks for the promised Gift Certificates below, I made numerous attempts, respectfully waiting a week between each , to contact Dan Cavani and left messages to see if the GCs had been sent out as promised below so that I could up-date this review to reflect that the owner did his best to change my initial purchase impression. I was looking forward to changing my review to be more positive.Unfortunately, as of today, I have received no call-back from any of my calls nor any indication that the GCs are on the way. This is too similar to what happened with Bob with now what appears to be unrealized agreements from this vendor. It was even more disappointing coming from the owner. I'm hoping that his offer was not simply a way of minimizing what I said in my review with the thought that others might think he offered something when he had little intention to do anything at all. Mr. Cavani, I welcome your response to this edited post and I am willing to re-edit with hopefully a more positive note once I hear from you. I am reluctant to post a negative review to a smaller local business which I would like to support.As a side note, the attachment that was promised to be included with the purchase for which I paid $9.95, could have been purchased for less than $10 from a dealer in St. Albert! I would have used the GC to purchase Stihl oil which had I bought with the blower, would have extended the warranty by one year. The necessity of doing this at time of purchase should have been made more clear. And yes, I was fully aware of the environmental fee and was prepared to pay same.Edit 23-Feb-18Received re-issued GC in the mail yesterday, but no sign of the original GC. Re the Stihl oil, I confirmed with Bob that using my existing supply of Opti-2 would be okay for the BR 600. After speaking with a couple of other dealers that reported some failures with the Stihl 4-Mix engine specifically using Opti-2, I became uncomfortable with my decision to decline purchase of the Stihl oil which I subsequently was informed had to be purchased at the same time to qualify for extended warranty. More preliminary research on my part would have changed my decision.I haven’t used the BR 600 much, but am happy with the performance of same.Rating changed to reflect current outcome. As Timberland Supply seems to have primarily positive reviews from most other clients, I’m hoping to feel welcomed in subsequent visits to the store.
Gord G.
Gord G.
I appreciated being able to try out the Stihl backpack blower (BR 600) prior to use which would have warranted 5 Stars. Unfortunately, because I was at the...
Richard Harris
Richard H.
I have been dealing with Timberland for years, both professionally and personally. From weed wackers, snowblowers, blowers, lawnmowers and on and on. I have also brought equipment in for regular service, adjustments etc. They have never once failed to impress, they are polite, quick, efficient professional. The product lines they carry are some of the best out their and new renovation has made experience even better. Nothing but praise. Richard Harris, commercial building maintenance
Roger Stuparyk
Roger S.
Very helpful staff. Very nice to us . They even showed me how to start the equipment that we purchased that day . You don't get service like that at a box store. I will be back for my other yard needs . Thanks.
Kyle Miller
Kyle M.
The staff was knowledgeable, and able to answer questions about the product lines, and the differences between models in the same line. Helpful and friendly, shopping here was a seemless experience.
Ph Ki
Ph K.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff, helped me pick the best bang for buck leaf blower for snow removal, and recommended a $15 nozzle for better performance. Liked it so much I bought my friend the same attachment.
Blair Gessell
Blair G.
Great Service! They really know their product and how it can best be used in your situation. Not everyone needs the best, most expensive item out there and they recognize that - they sell you what is BEST for your needs!
Dave Breton
Dave B.
Excellent company to deal with. I have had repairs done on my chain saw and have also bought a new saw and 2 weed wackers .Its nice to deal with a company that knows its products and can diret the customer to the best fit for them
Ken Smith
Ken S.
Only been there for B&S engine parts, but I will be back. Everybody in the store was busy, but took all the time required for customer satisfaction, and seemed genuinely friendly.
Kevin Stover
Kevin S.
I bought a snow blower for my skid steer from Kevin and so far it’s been great ... they are very friendly and helpful... I actually asked Kevin if he was the owner because he seems to care about the customer and the business as if it was his own... as a buisness owner my self I appreciate great employees like Kevin they are very hard to come by hats off thanks
Bob Mitchell
Bob M.
Brought in a 15 year old Husqvarna 61 chainsaw for a complete service. When I went to pick it up I asked to test it and new problem issues were found that were overlooked on the original service. They took it back in and repaired those issues and went well above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. They replaced the missing parts and also replaced extra cosmetic parts at no extra cost so it looked like brand new. Well done and much appreciated Timberland Supply!!!
Noam DePlume
Noam D.
Great service, and selection of professional products.
Tara Golby
Tara G.
I have been into Timberland several times to get Chainsaw chains sharpened or to pick them up after. They have always been courteous and given me great service. The last visit I went in as I needed to buy a chainsaw for myself. I am a 5'4" woman and didn't want to get anything too big but also needed a chainsaw that was not a toy or just for light work. The sales staff were fantastic, I ended up buying a Stihl saw with the easy start feature. It weighs less than half of my husbands big chainsaw and came with a 14 inch bar so is still long enough and powerful enough for bigger trees and logs. I am very happy with the service!
emiliano wekwert
emiliano W.
If you're and arborist and in need of a group of guys who won't f&@k up your order, this is the place!!Cheers to timberland!
Mark Young
Mark Y.
I have been dealing with Timberland Supply for years and I will keep going back.
Dustin Brown
Dustin B.
Great staff, quick service and everything was in stock.
Wes Prince
Wes P.
I had a great salesperson who was very friendly and helpful. He wasn't pushy and I was very comfortable working with him.
Rob Steier
Rob S.
Shayne DeMarce
Shayne D.
Bought a new saw here today after sitting on the phone at Martin for 15 minutes waiting for sales. I hung up and called Timberland, spoke with a guy, wish I remembered his name, in 10 seconds. I told him what I wanted a d that I would be there in 30 minutes. He had everything ready to go when I arrived. Incredible service! He walked me through the chainsaw, took it outside and started it, how to tighten chain and threw in a great gift. I will be back here for sure!
Connor Pope
Connor P.
The Guys @ Timberland are the best at what they do....
Errol Siemens
Errol S.
I was very impressed with the information regarding the chainsaw I own. I asked for a lesson on chainsaw matintance and was walked through what I needed to know about my saw.
Darcy Hoeppner
Darcy H.
Just purchased a new mower. Mower is Awesome as all Sthil products are. Excellent service as always. I've been dealing with Timberland for over 25yrs and never had an issue. If you want the BEST service along with the BEST products shop here.
StormGames 56
StormGames 5.
The rep at customer service was very thorough with the piece of equipment I purchased. Went through all the details to operate properly and made sure I was happy and all questions were answered before I left the store. I would highly recommend this store.
Ryan Dutka
Ryan D.
I have a Stihl chainsaw that I purchased at Timberland Supply after visiting several other dealers. The staff are heads and tails more knowledgeable than the competitors. I would only go here for chain sharpening, other places I have tried seem to be hit or miss. I love my chainsaw, and am grateful they showed me the difference between the mid-line farm model and pro model that I ended up purchasing with the speed chain option. The difference between Timberland Supply and others is that chainsaws are their main business, not a sideline. I won't go anywhere else as long as Grant owns the place, he runs a great business and is client focused. Keep up the great work, you have a loyal happy customer in me!
Armand Corbiere
Armand C.
Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable staff. I would recommend Timberland to everyone.
Richard Willis
Richard W.
Excellent service, very knowledgeable and helpful staff
Brian Neufeld
Brian N.
I had a great experience with Timberland. I needed a few parts for my Stihl blower and the staff were friendly and helpful. I also picked up an attachment for my Stihl trimmer and the staff took the time to explain how to install it properly. I am on the south side of Edmonton and needed to find a new Stihl supplier because the dealer closest to me is rude and unprofessional. While Timberland is a little further away from me, it's worth the drive for the service.
Kara Boyd
Kara B.
Very impressed with the amount of products and help finding me the proper trimmer that suited the job with a fair price. Well worth the visit as the knowledge the employees was worth the atop alone.
stihlpower gamer
stihlpower G.
Great company with alot of knowledge and experience.
Paula K.
Paula K.
A very specialized, small store selling a variety of chainsaws, axes, snow blowers, and other specific kinds of hardware. There is also a very busy service...