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Chainsaw Sharpening

Timberland Supply is pleased to provide chainsaw sharpening services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas of Alberta.
Chainsaw Sharpening
Apart from engine power, one of the main determining factors in the cutting effectiveness of a chainsaw is how sharp the saw chain is.  Keeping the saw chain sharp makes your job much easier and prolongs the service life of not only the chain but also the guide bar and chain sprocket. While you can certainly sharpen your own chainsaw, unless you are familiar with the proper technique and have all the necessary tools, chances are you won’t be able to do the job as well as we can.  Our saw chain sharpening services are very affordable, and will save you a lot of time.

How to Tell When Your Chainsaw Needs Sharpening

When any of the following conditions occur, it’s probably time to use our chainsaw sharpening services:

  • You have to apply pressure to the powerhead to force the chain to cut because it doesn’t pull itself into the cut
  • Fine sawdust is pulled from the cut when bucking instead of coarse, thick chips
  • You observe smoking in the cut even when the chain is properly lubricated and the tension is adjusted correctly
  • You observe the cut wandering in either direction (this might mean that the cutters on one side are dull, or of irregular cutter lengths)
  • The saw “bounces” or “chatters” as you are cutting

If you’d prefer to try sharpening your own chain, the following video from STIHL explains how to do so.