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Forestry, Arborists, and Lawn Care

Timberland Arborist SuppliesArborists, forestry professionals, and lawn care companies in Edmonton and throughout Alberta have been depending on Timberland Supply for their outdoor power equipment needs for decades.  Timberland Supply has a well-earned reputation among these professionals for outstanding customer service and support. 

Thanks to our large inventory, we can complete repairs to your equipment quickly so that you can get back to work.  Our guarantee on repairs gives you the peace of mind that we will stand behind the equipment we service and repair.  As a professional user of outdoor power equipment, you can count on Timberland Supply!

Arborists and forestry professionals are also taking advantage of Timberland’s performance modified custom chain saws, a process we call “Bakerization”. We can Bakerize many new saws to give you a performance advantage over everyone else. Check out our new saw pricing.

Timberland Supply has some of the best chainsaw technicians I have encountered in Alberta. I have bought nearly ten chainsaws from this dealership and, although we use them daily, they still melt through trees thanks to the quality of service we receive at Timberland. Whether it is reliable climbing gear or the chainsaw which performs the final back cut, we trust Timberland because we know they care about our safety just as much as we do!

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Tree Ninja

Current Specials for Forestry, Arborist, and Lawn Care Customers

Commercial Customer Discounts for STIHL and Husqvarna

Save Big with the Husqvarna Fleet Program for Arborists and Property Management

Husqvarna Fleet Program

Commercial tree care customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of volume discounts on major purchases of new Husqvarna equipment through Husqvarna’s new Arborist Fleet Program.

Designed for companies or agencies involved in the commercial tree care or arborist business, when a customer orders qualifying products (including professional chainsaws and polesaws) under the new Arborist Fleet Program they earn points which achieve discounts of up to 20% off their order.

Customers can also add select accessories, parts, and PPE and receive those same discounts when these products are bundled in their Arborist Fleet order.

Not an Arborist?  Don’t worry, Husqvarna also has a Fleet Program for other commercial customers.  Click here for details. 

Package Deals for Forestry, Arborists, and Lawn Care Customers

Arborist Safety Helmet and Safety Pants

Arborist Safety Kit

Stay safe on the job with our professional safety accessories, which include top-quality hard hats and protective apparel for your eyes, ears, and face. We’ve got it in stock!!

STIHL Commercial Fleet Banner

STIHL’s Pro-Fleet Commercial Landscape Program is designed to provide commercial landscapers a volume discount on major purchases of landscaping power tools of five or more units on the initial transaction. Subsequent purchases of one unit at a time will also qualify within the same calendar year.


All serial numbered landscaping power tools listed below qualify.
Trimmers/Brushcutters – FS 56 RC-E, FS 56 C-E, FS 70 R, FS 90 R, FS 90, FS 91 R, FS 91, FS 94 R, FS 100 RX, FS 110 R, FS 110, FS 111 RX, FS 111 R, FS 111, FS 130 R, FS 130, FS 131 R, FS 131, FS 240 R, FS 240

KombiSystem – KM 56 R-CE, KM 90 R, KM 91 R, KM 94 R, KM 110 R, KM 111 R, KM 130 R, KM 131 R

Lithium-Ion Tools – FSA 65, FSA 85, FSA 90 R, FSA 130 R, BGA 85, BGA 100, RMA 370, RMA 410, RMA 460, RMA 510, HSA 66, HLA 65, HLA 85, HTA 85, HSA 94, TSA 230

Blowers, Sprayers & Shredders – BG 66, BG 86, SH 86 C-E, BR 200, BR 350, BR 450, BR 450 C-EF, BR 500, BR 550, BR 600, BR 700, SR 450

Hedge Trimmers – HS 45, HS 46 C-E, HS 56 C-E, HS 82 R, HS 82 T (24°), HS 82 T (30°), HL 90 (0°), HL 91 (0°), HL 94 (0°-145°)

Other Products – HT 103, HT 133, MM 55, MM 55 C-E


When your Commercial Landscape Company purchases five or more qualifying units in a single transaction on a single invoice you will qualify for a price rebate.

Your STIHL Dealer will extend a minimum 10% discount off the promotional price, which may be in effect at the time of sale (MSRP if not on sale).

KombiSystem attachments, batteries and chargers do not qualify for the calculation of five units. However, if a 10% discount is applied off the promotion price in effect at the time of sale (MSRP if not on sale), they will qualify for rebate, provided it is accompanied by five qualifying units.

Frequently Asked Questions for Forestry, Arborists, and Lawn Care Customers

Below are some of the questions we frequently get from our forestry, arborist, and lawn care customers along with the answers.

Can I rent equipment to use while my equipment is being repaired?

Yes, we have a wide variety of equipment available for rent.  If you rent the same piece of equipment that is being repaired, we will give you a 25% discount on the rental.

How long will my equipment repairs take?

We have the best technicians and one of the largest parts inventories in Western Canada.  This helps to ensure that your repairs are completed as quickly as possible so you can get back to work.

Do you offer a guarantee on repairs?

Yes, we guarantee our repairs for 30 days for the work that was done or any parts that were replaced.