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7 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Tips to Make Your Yard Look Amazing

February 12, 2018

LandscapingYour yard can have a big impact on the overall look of your home. There’s no better way to give the outside of your home a “facelift” and improve curb appeal than by upgrading your landscaping.

While costs related to landscaping can quickly add up, there are a few ways you can give your yard professional-looking results without breaking the bank.  Here’s a few landscaping tips to get you started.

1. Mow Like a Pro

Hiring someone to mow your lawn can get pricey. If you can, mow your lawn yourself to save money; you can use the money you save to invest in other elements of your yard. As you mow, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’re dealing with outdoor power equipment, so keep it tuned up and choose reliable brands like Husqvarna for your lawnmower. Consider purchasing a mulching blade so your clippings can be used to fertilize the lawn and be sure to keep it sharp.

Use an edger to leave borders, sidewalks, and driveways looking clean and crisp. Change up your mowing patterns to avoid developing ruts or compacted spots in the underlying soil. And when you can, cut the grass only when it’s dry.

You’ll also want to pay attention to mower blade height— and don’t forget to mow in straight lines! You can start to have fun with mowing patterns once you get the hang of it. If you take the time to mow your lawn yourself, and do it properly, you can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy without spending money week after week to have someone else do it.

2. Light it Up

Want to know where you can invest a bit of money that will give you a lot of bang for your buck? Light your landscaping. Landscape lighting ensures that your yard is visible (and stylish) no matter the time of day. It adds polish and pizzazz to your yard and it can take a good landscape design and make it great.

Consider the style and age of your home to find the best lighting for you. Whether you choose to add charm, whimsy, or ethereal glow to your landscaping, it will enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your home.

3. Border Your Beds

You should consider adding borders to your flower beds, but we’re not talking about that difficult-to-work-with, floppy plastic edging that never holds up. Using decorative flagstone or rocks to border your flower beds adds interest and dimension to your yard, not to mention new textures and colors.

If you’re not looking to add stone to your landscaping, you can also use sturdy steel, fiberglass or aluminum borders to keep your grass from creeping into your mulch while keeping a streamlined, professional-looking yard without obvious borders.

4. Berm, Baby, Berm

What’s a berm, you ask? A berm is just a fancy landscaper term for a gentle, rolling hill within your landscaping. It’s a small mound of soil that adds dimension, height, visual interest, and a focal point to your landscaping. It can have a big impact on your yard. Sure, everyone wants  smooth, level ground to mow their yard, but adding some variety to the elevation of your yard also adds excitement. It can also help with drainage, and even mask things you don’t want seen in your yard like utility boxes.

Most berms are no more than 18 to 24 inches in height, and to feature trees and larger shrubs, you will want a slope of about 5 to 7 feet for every 1 foot of height. For smaller plants, you will need a slope of 3 to 4 feet for every foot of height. Build up the berm with good soil and you’ll have a brand-new oasis in your yard.

5. Don’t Overplant

Many new gardeners get excited and want to include too many plants or shrubs to their landscaping. Plants grow, and after a while, if you’ve included too many plants, your beds can look overcrowded instead of full and beautiful. When picking plants for your yard, research just how large they will get, and leave room for them in your plans so your landscaping looks stunning, not cramped. (A plus to this? If you’re buying less, you can invest in the plants you really want!)

6. Add a Creative Walkway

There are countless options to constructing a walkway through your garden that will make a big statement. From flagstones to painted rocks to stepping stones, or poured cement or recycled brick, you can find a walkway style that compliments your home. Plan your path out first, and mark it with spray paint or line your new pathway with your garden hose and sprinkle it with flour before you start so you don’t lose your way!

7. Know When to Use a Professional

One of the best ways to make sure your yard looks professionally done? Use a professional. Sure, there are many things you can DIY in your landscaping, but if you start to feel like you’re in over your head, don’t be afraid to consult with the people who really know what they are doing. You don’t need to use a professional for your whole yard. Instead, you can save it for where you really feel you need the help or want to make a big impression.

At Timberland Supply, we have the tools required to create a beautiful landscape, but perhaps you require a bit of assistance when it comes to executing your vision. Hiring a professional landscaper can help with everything from mowing to outdoor lighting to landscape design and maintenance. There’s no better way to get professional results than by consulting the professionals.

Contact us at Timberland Supply today if you’re ready to get started on your yard. With Timberland Supply and your own imagination, your yard can look its professional best.