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A Great Testimonial for Our Custom Chainsaws

September 7, 2018

Bakerized Chain SawLike every business, we love getting positive feedback from our customers.  Most often, that comes in the form of an online review on sites like Google, Facebook, etc.

Since we work hard to make our customers happy, we tend to get a lot of those reviews–in fact, we’re the #1-rated outdoor power equipment retailer in Edmonton.   However, it’s pretty rare that a customer takes the time to write a 300+ word testimonial for our staff…but that’s exactly what happened this week.

Here’s the story:

The review was from a U.S.-based customer–Gerald H. from Idaho–who bought a STIHL MS 880 Magnum saw (not from us, but from another dealer).  He knew even before he bought the saw that he wanted to give it more power than what it came with “out of the box”, and so he searched online for someplace that he could take the saw to customize it.  That’s where he found our chainsaw customization services.

Since he saw we offer these services not just to local customers but throughout North America, he called us up.  We’ll let Gerald pick up the story from there in his testimonial, which you can read below:

“My search for a “Custom Chainsaw” led to this site & my ultimate purchase.  After making my first inquiry, it didn’t take long to figure out that I was talking to folks who really know what they are doing & really go out of their way in terms of quality and service. 

I was really impressed with Adam Baker’s technical knowledge & know-how as a custom engine builder.  He tailored my saw to fit my exact needs & explained the whole process in layman’s terms so I fully understood the process. 

He took a new Stihl chainsaw & “woke it up” beyond my expectations.  This saw roars!  I recommend the “Bakerized” Custom Engine Build for anyone who has specific performance needs or just wants more raw power.  I could tell when I received the saw that the modifications were effective, precise, & professionally done.

Grant Hipfner handled my transaction in a seamless manner which covered all the bases, including purchase, accessories, lifetime engine warranty, engine customization, shipping, and U.S. Customs processing. 

He took the time to explain the scope of Timberland Supply & how they serve the industry.  I really feel like this company views it’s customers as an investment…which speaks to their obvious success.  He stayed on top of my purchase from A-to-Z, which included him calling me in Idaho from his home in B.C. over a holiday weekend to keep me informed! 

For your information, Timberland is authorized to ship Stihl saws anywhere which have been Bakerized, because they are considered “aftermarket products” in keeping with Stihl corporate policy. You will enjoy talking with these folks, because they genuinely care.

Dan Cavani took his time to explain Timberland’s customer base so I could spread the word of their services via the StihlUSA website Product Review forum.  I most-highly recommend this firm for the very reason that this is the single-best customer service that I have ever received in my lifetime of 65-years!!! These folks possess real integrity.”

Gerald H.
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

We had a great time customizing Gerald’s saw, and we really appreciate his very kind words.  It really makes our day when we get feedback like this.  Thanks, Gerald, and we hope you enjoy your “Bakerized” saw!

For the rest of you, whether you’re interested in having your chainsaw customized, repaired, tuned up, or even just sharpened, bring it to us to get the same great customer service we gave to Gerald!