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Advantages of Buying a Modified Chainsaw from Canada

June 14, 2019

Click here to download our credit card authorization form for paying for custom chainsaw orders by credit card.

Nearly one-half of all the custom Bakerized saws we build are being sent to U.S. customers. As demand for our modified chainsaws continues to grow, we are getting more and more inquiries from folks in the United States who want to order our saws and have some questions about pricing, the purchasing process and international shipping.

Pricing shown on our website is in Canadian dollars. This is perhaps the most significant benefit to our U.S. customers but there are others. Here’s some of the details:

Great Exchange Rate

Right now (summer of 2019), there is a favorable exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Canadian dollar.  One USD is equal to about $1.33 in Canadian currency.  This means that for high-end products like custom-built chainsaws, the favorable exchange rate makes these items very attractive.  As an example, when we look at a brand new STIHL MS 661 Bakerized S3P, we see the price as $2204.95 CDN. That’s only $1657.00 USD.

No Duties

If you purchase a new modified chainsaw from Timberland Supply (i.e., an off-the-shelf saw that we have modified before selling it for the first time), you don’t need to pay any import taxes when we ship the saw to you from Canada.  However, if you send us a saw to be modified that you have purchased outside of Canada, you might need to pay duty on it depending on where it was manufactured.

No Tariffs

The U.S. is currently adding tariffs to a number of products and components. There is the likelihood that even if a saw is manufactured in America, U.S. consumers will still pay slightly more for it if any of the components used in the saw are subject to these tariffs.  Our modified chainsaws are not subject to tariffs or these potential extra costs.


We can take Visa or Mastercard or electronic funds transfer. If paying by credit card, we require you to complete a Credit Card Authorization Form and send that back to us with supporting documentation. Really easy and straightforward process.


We use the international shipper of your choice to send your saw to you. From our location in Canada we are getting rates as low as $150.00 USD with some international carriers.

We know that our U.S. customers are excited about the significantly higher level of performance they experience with their individually built Bakerized custom chainsaw from Timberland Supply Inc. With the current exchange rate, straightforward purchasing process and affordable shipping, now is the time to order yours.