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Bakerize Your Chain Saw at Timberland Supply

September 1, 2017

Adam BakerOur service technician Adam Baker has gained quite the reputation for being able to turn an ordinary chain saw into a more powerful tool with “more bark and more bite” by adding a few after-market modifications.

Now, thanks to popular demand from our customers, we are formally offering Adam’s services to the general public.  We’ll even pay the shipping charges both ways for anyone in Canada who wants Adam to “Bakerize” their saw, and we’ll allow you to purchase our lifetime engine warranty for half price.

So, what exactly does the “Bakerization” process include?  Here’s the list:

  • Modification of the exhaust system
  • Modification of intake and exhaust ports
  • Plane the cylinder
  • Modification of the clutch

We also have an optional speed kit add-on available for those who want it.  Since every saw is unique, this is a 100% custom service, and Adam may recommend additional modifications depending on your equipment.

If you’re ready to Bakerize your saw, give us a call or schedule a service online today!