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How to get Free Repairs for Outdoor Power Equipment

July 29, 2017

repairs for outdoor power equipmentHow would you like to get free repairs for outdoor power equipment?

When your car has a mechanical issue, you can take it to the auto dealer’s repair shop. But with outdoor power equipment, things work a little differently. The big box store where you bought it won’t do repairs.

So what should you do? And how much will it cost you?

Here’s the good news: It might be free if you handle it right. Let’s take a closer look at the best way to get free repairs for outdoor power equipment.

Know Your Warranty

First, examine the warranty that came with your equipment. It can usually be found in the product manual, on the box/packaging, or on the manufacturer’s website. Don’t be surprised if the warranty seems to have a lot of restrictions. The basic manufacturer’s warranty usually only guarantees that the item will be “free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.”

Click here to see an example of a warranty from Husqvarna. Notice the phrase “limited warranty”? That means there are lots of limitations and exclusions. It can be hard to know what’s covered.

So start by looking at the warranty time period. Compare it to your store receipt – which you’ll probably need to take advantage of the warranty – and determine when you bought the item and how long the warranty is in effect. If you’re still in the right timeframe, or even if you’re not sure if you are, it’s definitely worth taking the next step.

Find Your Local Repair Station

Gather up your paperwork and equipment, and take it to a small, independent retailer that is also an official warranty repair station – like Timberland Supply. These repair stations handle equipment diagnostics and maintenance all day long, so they know it inside and out. They have parts on hand, and if they don’t, they can get them in stock quickly.

An official warranty repair shop is also well-versed in what’s covered by the warranty and what’s not. They can run through a checklist of questions with you to how likely it is that the warranty will be in effect. And, of course, they’ll examine the equipment and determine what repairs are needed.

Most importantly, the repair station can help you get the repair done for free. Even if you bought the equipment at one of the big box storesHome Depot, Lowes, Sears, Canadian Tire – Timberland Supply can do warranty-covered repairs for free. This is part of their service as an official warranty location.

Understand the Exclusions

Of course, some things just can’t be covered by the warranty, even if you take it to a warranty repair station. Normal wear parts are excluded. This means the warranty will almost never cover things like bulbs, belts, blades, spark plugs, filters, and lubricants. Those items are expected to wear down or wear out during the everyday use of the equipment. It’s your responsibility to replace them.

Consequential damages – other harm caused when the equipment breaks – is rarely covered. If your chainsaw malfunctions and ruins an expensive piece of wood, the warranty might cover the chainsaw repair but it wouldn’t cover the cost of replacing the wood.

Damage caused by negligence or misuse is also excluded. So if your son accidentally leaves your equipment out in the snow to rust, the repairs are probably not covered. Damage caused by at-home repairs is always excluded – so don’t try to repair it yourself and void the warranty.

Ready to see if your outdoor power equipment can be repaired for free? Visit Timberland Supply or contact us today.