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STIHL iMow Robotic Mower Revolutionizes Lawn Care for Canadian Homeowners

February 1, 2018

Your days of pacing the yard, pushing a mower back and forth, every weekend from spring to fall may be numbered.  A new way to mow is now available to Canadian homeowners!  STIHL has recently released two robotic lawn mowers, allowing you to have a beautifully manicured lawn without losing your weekends to yard work.

Stihl iMow Robotic Mower

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A Constantly Manicured Lawn Made Easy

STIHL iMowThe STIHL iMow robotic lawn mowers automatically mow on a schedule that you set – while you are at work and kids are at school, overnight, whenever! When mowing is complete, the robotic mower returns to its docking station and charges up for its next scheduled mow.

They even have a built-in rain sensor, so if rain is detected, the mower will return to its docking station and resume mowing when it’s sensor is dry. (The iMow is perfectly capable of mowing in wet or rainy conditions if needed, it is just less than ideal – just as it is with a traditional mower.)

The iMow robotic mowers are ready to handle pretty much any yard up to an acre (the RMI 422 P can handle up to .25 acre, the RMI 632 P up to 1 acre).

A double-sided, steel blade and adjustable mowing heights can handle thick, rough grass with ease. Steep, sloped or hilly yards are also no problem, as the iMow can tough it out up to a 24 degree incline (the RMI 422 P up to 22 degree, the RMI 632 P up to 24 degree).

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other impressive features both models of the iMow robotic mowers offer:

Super Quiet Performance 

Battery operated, robotic mowing means a quiet cut so you can mow anytime, day or night, without disturbing the peace. Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning and the yard work has already been done!

Mulching Feature for a Healthy Lawn

The mulching feature allows the mower to finely shred and return the grass clippings to the ground to retain moisture and replenish the soil with nutrients. The double-sided mulching blade changes direction each time the blade stops motion to ensure even wear. The way iMow cuts is also great for those with allergies, as it creates significantly less dust than traditional cutting methods by sending the cuttings downwards, rather than outwards.

Automatic Charging and Docking

The intelligent charging system of the iMow allows the mower to automatically return to its docking station to charge when needed, and based on the charging needs, will select the optimal charging rate needed – meaning that if your iMow has a large area to cover in a short amount of time, it will automatically use a faster charge cycle; if it has some time off, it will use a slower, trickle charge cycle, maximizing battery life and efficiency.

Edge Mowing

The edge mowing feature ensures a clean cut along any edges of your mowing area – without you having to break out a trimmer or edger to clean up afterward.

Tricky Terrain Navigation

The iMow uses tilt sensors to help navigate slopes and hills, regulating its speed automatically according to the terrain.

Smartly Safe and Secure

The smart tilt sensors will detect when someone tries to pick up or tip over the iMow. The mowing blade will stop automatically and not resume until it has been manually started by the user. The anti-theft system requires a security PIN to be entered by the user, and prevents any unauthorized operation and settings changes – without the PIN, the iMow is essentially unusable. The PIN cannot be changed even if the battery is removed or the unit is reset – it can only be modified by an authorized STIHL reseller, greatly reducing the possibility of theft.

High-Performance Battery Operation

STIHL’s advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology operates with no reduction in performance; the mowers run at full speed from start to battery depletion. Smart charging means you get the maximum life out of your battery. Low maintenance and high performance aside, Lithium-ion battery operation is a powerful, no-emission alternative to gasoline engines.

The STIHL iMow will be available in two models; the RMI 422 P and the RMI 632 P, each offering their own distinct advantages.

STIHL iMowThe RMI 422 P is just right for small to medium suburban yards, designed to cut up to ¼ an acre in 17 hours per week. It will mow a quarter-acre yard in just a few hours. The small, maneuverable RMI 422 P is perfectly at home clipping its way up and down sloped yards (up to 22 degrees) and around pools, with its compact body (24 x 17 x 10.5 inches) and 7.8-inch cutting blade. Using an 18.5V Lithium-Ion battery, this mower can cut for about 60 mins per 90 min charge. This model has an onboard, easy to use, backlit LED control panel for easy settings adjustments. The RMI 422 P can also be equipped with weighted front wheels for easier navigation of extremely hilly or sloped terrain.


STIHL iMowThe RMI 632 P is meant for larger suburban spaces, with the ability to cut up to one acre in about 40 hours a week. This model features a larger, 11-inch cutting width and more powerful 29V Lithium-Ion battery – allowing the RMI 632 P to mow for up to 150 minutes before needing a speedy 60-minute recharge. The larger of the two iMow models (29 x 21 x 10.5 inches), the RMI 632 P can handle navigating a slightly larger slope – up to 24 degrees.  This model also features a removable, black-lit LED control panel for easy programming – the mower can be programmed with the control panel removed, so no need to bend down to adjust settings. This model has optional aggressive, spiked high traction wheels and weighted front wheels for navigating extremely sloped and hilly lawns.

Timberland Supply is an authorized STIHL servicing dealer, and will setup and install your STIHL robotic mower for you.  Ask us for details today!