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Timberland Supply Becomes Dealer for Wallenstein Attachments

August 2, 2019

We have an exciting announcement to make this month!  Timberland Supply is now a dealer for Wallenstein Equipment and their affiliated brands, including Martatch, BaumaLight, and NM Attachments.

To celebrate this new partnership, any customer who purchases select Wallenstein or BaumaLight products this month (August 2019) will get a free MS 170 chainsaw with their purchase!

Wallenstein has been a leader in the industry for decades and is widely respected for their high-quality products.   They started out making wood splitters over 25 years ago, and then branched out into skid steer attachments.  Among their best-selling products today are timber shredders and wood chippers.

Not only are all of their products manufactured right here in Canada, they also stand behind their products with a 5-year warranty–one of the best in the business.

Their affiliated brands BaumaLight, Martach, and NM attachments are also very high-quality and produce just about every type of attachment you could want for a skid steer, mini-skid steer, or tractor.

Featured Products

In order to introduce you to some of the best products from Wallenstein and their affiliated brands, we’ve listed some of their top-selling products below.

BXMC34B Chipper Shredder

Timber shredders BXMC34B
Wallenstein Equipment

​Lightweight and portable, the BXMC34B is ideal for the small rural property. Powered by Honda, it makes quick work of branches, brush, and leaves.

Q620 Backhoe

QC620 Backhoe
Wallenstein Equipment

​Designed for compact tractors, skidsteers and full-size tractors, the Ranchho gives you precision and power at your fingertips. Running deep with features, the Ranchho will turn your mountain of a job into a molehill.

Tree Spade

Bumalight Skid Steer Attachments

​Trees are the anchor to any landscape, providing shelter, shade and beauty. With the Nomad line of tree spades and transplanting products, you can position and plant your tree exactly where you want.

Skid Steer Stump Grinders

Bumalight Skid Steer Attachments

​​Stump Blaster skid steer stump grinders are available in 4 models with a total of 7 hydraulic motor options to make the most of your skid steer performance, with hydraulic flows ranging from 10–40 GPM.

​The products featured above are just a few of the dozens of new products that Timberland Supply has access to through our new affiliation with Wallenstein and their associated brands.  Contact us for information about specific products you are interested in learning more about, or come visit our showroom to see what products we have on display.