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Adam Baker Gives the Inside Scoop on Timberland’s “TimberTune” and “Bakerization” Chainsaw Modification Service

March 16, 2018

Our TimberTune and Bakerization Chainsaw Customization Service has really been exploding in popularity lately!

In order to better explain what all that service entails, the blogging staff of Timberland Supply sat down with Adam Baker himself for a quick interview.

As Adam explained, this a  proprietary process developed by Timberland so, without giving away all his secrets, he gave us an overview of what happens to a chain saw in the “Bakerization” process in order to take it from a run-of-the-mill piece of equipment that you can buy anywhere into a one-of-a-kind cutting machine customized just for you.

Adam Baker

Read his answers to our questions below:

How do you prepare the saw for the Bakerization process?

“If the saw is not new when we receive it, we first confirm that it is running well and that all the major wear components are in good shape and suitable for this performance modification. Once we have verified its operation we completely tear it down so that we can further examine all the parts and give it a thorough cleaning. You can’t just go and take apart something that’s hardly working. You have to make sure it is running and in okay shape first.”

 Where do you start making modifications? 

“When we take apart the engine, we look at the crank bearings to see if we can change them from steel to ceramic bearings, which are much harder and significantly reduce friction loss.  Putting on ceramic bearings would allow the saw to get to full RPM faster and run with less friction and heat.

Then, we’d look at the cylinder and mark where we can make some cuts to open it up.  Using a micro grinder, we grind out the cylinder to allow for more flow and smoother operation of the engine.”

What else do you modify on the saw’s engine?

“Depending on the saw, we may put a racing piston in, which increases the compression and thus increases the power of the saw.  We also take a look at the air intake system to make sure that it will allow enough air to come in to the modified cylinder, and if necessary we’ll make some changes to the intake.

We then modify the muffler to allow more air flow by giving it a dual port.” 

What changes do you make to the cutting chain?

“All our professional users have very exact specs for their bars and chains so we make mods based on their requirements. For other customers we ask them what they usually use the saw for (i.e., limbing, cutting firewood, etc.), which will determine what type of bar, chain, and sprocket we put on the saw.  We’ll make whatever changes are necessary in that area so that the saw performs better for whatever the customer is using it for.”

What models of saws can you do the Bakerization procedure on?

“We can do any professional model saw from any manufacturer, although we specialize in Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws.  When we build these custom saws, we make them to last, so we need to start with a professional grade product. We not only make them more powerful, they’re getting made so that they last you just as long, and in many cases longer, than what that that saw should last. And you get more performance out of it.”

For most homeowners who want to spend less time bent over the log and who want more speed and just get the job done quicker and easier then go for the Timbertune mod. It’s much better bang for the buck and you will notice a big improvement.

What type of difference in performance will someone notice after the process is complete?

They will see higher horsepower, more speed, less vibration, and less heat.  Since the saw is not vibrating as much, it will also last longer.  Finally, it will be slightly lighter, because we use lighter parts when we modify the saw.  Basically, it will just be a better overall saw when all is said and done.”

Who would benefit the most from having their saw modified?

“All professional chainsaw users will benefit.  Arborists and anybody who uses a top handle saw that needs more power out of it would really benefit from this too. 

Also, anyone who is working in trees will benefit since the saw will be slightly lighter. 

Really, at the end of the day these custom saws will help you get your work done faster if you’re a professional who uses a chain saw.  Less time in the cut means more productivity and less fatigue. Simple as that. That’s the bottom line. 

Are you ready to turn your saw into a high-performance machine using the process Adam describes above?  Call us today and ask about our TimberTune or Bakerization Services to start the process!