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Tree Ninja Removes Monster Tree in Edmonton with Equipment from Timberland Supply

September 5, 2017

Tree NinjaIt’s always nice to see how professionals out in the “real world” do their jobs every day using equipment purchased and serviced at Timberland Supply.   Recently, we got a great look at our equipment in use thanks to an amazing video provided by Tree Ninja, one of Edmonton’s best professional arborists.

The video documents how Tree Ninja tackled a difficult job to take down a monster of a tree in less than a day.  The poplar tree in question weighed over 25,000 lbs, had branches overhanging four properties, and was in a location with no back alley access.

To do the job, they brought in a 65-ton crane from Mammoet.  Using a crane to take down a tree is considered one of the most advanced forms of arboriculture, and Tree Ninja’s skilled arborists pulled it off without a hitch.

Take a look at the amazing video below to see how they did it.  Let’s just say that after watching the video, we are more than happy to continue servicing their equipment with both feet planted firmly on the ground while letting them put the equipment to use chopping down trees.