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Just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience I had caused on the FS 560 and a special thanks to your staff for assisting my dad in picking out the right brush cutter. He’s 83 yrs old and the FS 560 would be just to much for him to handle. I sent him down to your store today to purchase the machine and at the same time he could also ask any questions they may have before the purchase. Your professional staff took the time to assist him and his companion and agreed that the FS 560 would be to much to handle and helped them choose the right machine for their capabilities. I am so impressed with the FS 560 and it’s ability to handle big jobs and the amount of landscaping needed on their farm I have no doubt that the FS 560 would have accomplished this and then some! Once again my apologies and for my future purchases you have a customer for life. Thank You Dan.

Mike Woloshyniuk

Timberland Supply has some of the best chainsaw technicians I have encountered in Alberta. I have bought nearly ten chainsaws from this dealership and, although we use them daily, they still melt through trees thanks to the quality of service we receive at Timberland. Whether it is reliable climbing gear or the chainsaw which performs the final back cut, we trust Timberland because we know they care about our safety just as much as we do!

Benoit Boudreau

The folks at Timberland Supply are always really friendly and accommodating. They always treat me with respect, and don’t try to sell me stuff that I don’t need. I’ve never had a reason to go anywhere else for any chainsaw supplies.

Dianne Hostyn
Branches Tree Care

The crew at Timberland Supply is exceptionally thorough. They have great customer support and great service. They go above and beyond to make sure everything is there. Great stock, great inventory, and for the service work, their technician Adam goes above and beyond the call of duty. Any equipment I have that needs repairs goes to them.

Ian Koop
Saws 'n Ladders

One thing I really appreciate about Timberland Supply is that you can call if you’re out in the field and have an equipment issue, and they’ll try to help you out with some advice so you can make it through the day. With other companies, they’ll just tell you that you need to bring the equipment in, but won’t give you any help over the phone. On several occasions the help Timberland has given me has helped me keep a piece of equipment running for the day, which saves me money. Also, I like the fact that I very seldom have to wait for parts, and when they do have to order parts for me they come in very fast—even special-order items.

Kevin Labossiere

I like the fact that Timberland Supply services such a wide variety of equipment, even equipment that they don’t sell—everything from small engine stuff to ATVs. They have parts in stock 90-100% of the time, so there’s no ordering involved and no waiting. Usually withing 24-48 hours I have a quote on how much my repairs are going to cost, even for major repairs like engine replacement. The quality of their work is extremely high, and their prices are very good. The staff always has a smile on their face, and they remember my name when I go in, which is really nice.

Mike Hudson

Timberland Supply is pretty prompt when I ask for parts and supplies. I don't have to wait weeks and weeks for parts like I do with some other suppliers, which can get pretty aggravating. When I need something from Timberland, if it's not on the shelf there already, I’ll have it in only a matter of days.

Derak Proctor

Timberland Supply’s service is a lot better than a lot of other companies I've used for maintenance and repairs. Often, when I’ve had my equipment such as chainsaws serviced elsewhere, when I get it back it won’t run properly. That’s not an issue I have with Timberland. Also, their customer service is usually very prompt when I go to the store.

Doug Burton
Ace of Trees